The proposal is a system for the generation of social housing in a high return investment way with a mechanism that avoid the traditional formula: social housing = less m2, and promote a new strategy: to offer ground m2 with a low percentage of m2 built and a high percentage of possibilities. In this terms, the minimal primary investment will not be restrictive to the future of the dwelling. The own system will revalue itself in a easy and natural way.

In this high return, top quality and maximum inhabitability dwellings, the domestic space has the opportunity to grow if the familiar economy grows and the inhabitants consider it appropriate.

As time goes on, the dwelling value will increase, and the incomes will be for the inhabitant instead of the contractor (here is the social point).

The system offers growing parameters, that will organize the maximum roofability surface of each parcel and the construction and assembling details, giving the highest operative convenience (low costs, not disturbing works, no heavy machinery, etc...). Each parcel will be structured in a few sectors with precise growing instructions. The main sector, "seed" of the system will be located to the street side, so the urban space image is under control since the beginning. The inner part will be inhabited as the time goes on, and the growing changes (artificial or natural, building or planting) will define the greatness of the investment.